Is Float Power Systems & Controls a registered firm and qualified Importers and

Exporters ?


Where is your registered place of operation ?

Bangalore City –Karnataka –India

Is Grouser as a product successful  and well received and accepted by the customers ?

Yes, Grouser is in operation all over the world since the 1980’s , used extensively in

the Power Sector

Have you successfully field tested Grouser and received customer acceptance  ?

Yes – Field Tested – and received testimonials – send in your request  to view

customers testimonials using the contact form.

Can the Grouser be used On Line without seeking shut down  ?

Yes Works on live systems up to 300 volt DC

Can it be used to test dead motors/ rotors/ thermocouples etc  ?

Yes – by using TX MK II along with T 273  Transmitter and Receiver Locates faults in

machine  windings/ Traces earth faults on thermocouples/Traces and locates multiple

faults on  systems/Locates  Earth  faults  on live  DC circuits/ Does not effect system

integrity/ Unaffected by load current or ripple/  Can be tuned to the fault current only

For more technical details send in request using contact form.

Who are the manufacturers of Grouser ?

GFAL Limited

Time schedule for supply of equipment ?

Minimum of  180  days  from  the   date  of  placing written confirmed order (Check for

actual delivery  schedules

What is the warranty offered ?

Manufacturers product  guarantee  for  workmanship  and performance 12 months from

the date of manufacture and supply – Float Power Systems & Controls offer additional

180 days extended warranty  and other benefits (Sure buy customers can seek details

using contact form)

What is the maximum fault which the instrument can detect ?

Sensitive to faults as high as 68k ohm

How is the fault traced ?

By using the sensing probe attached to  the receiver in synchronization with the

Transmitter  ( Seek for live on-line demonstration)

What are the problems which has been over come during the course of the

development of the product  ?

Grouser will not interfere with sensitive equipment connected to the DC system and is

unaffected by ripple, or switching transients/ Grouser  has overcome problems such as

spillover,  inductive  coupling,  interference, capacitive  coupling, spurious noise, etc.

 What is the Principle of the Grouser ?

The  principle  of  operation  is straight   forward   inject  small current at a specific

frequency, trace only the current  flow at that specific frequency, where the  current

flows to  earth is where the fault or faults are.

Are the sensing heads available in one size or in different  sizes  ?

Four different sizes are available from 6mm,  30mm  and 45mm, these are supplied as standard.  A  55mm and 95mmhead are available as an optional extra.

What are the Frequencies at which the Grouser operates?


Battery powered transmitter outputs 9 volt RMS  open circuit,  50mA short circuit. The

output frequency is pre-set at between 11.0 Hz and 12.0 Hz and factory matched to

the receiver frequency.

The unit can operate on live circuits up to 300 volt DC, it is  fuse protected and has

semi rotary controls to prevent accidental operation.


The frequency range is factory set between 11.2 and 11.8 Hz, this low, very precise

frequency  enables  the  Grouser  to   operate  with  a  clean  signal even in “noisy”

conditions. There  is also a  10  turn  capacitive  balance  control  that enables the

operator to cancel  out  capacitive signals and view the fault signal independent of

other factors.

What is Grumbler Instrument used  for ?

Grumbler for LIVE LV/MV Cable Identifier  The instrument is designed to assist users

in the identification of cables

Will Float Power Systems & Controls be able to  import any equipment ?

Yes,any equipment , testing and measuring instruments as applicable to the Power

Sector  and  Telecommunication  sector,  and such equipments  where the customer

places a specific request  while providing the technical specification of the required


What are the other products that Float Power Systems & Controls would be able to

supply ?

Refer Product Line .

Some details with reference to Analyzer Unit   /  Tracking Unit?

Ground faults on battery operate DC Multi feeder Distribution  System are very difficult

to find without proper instrumentation and  training.


Analyzer Unit     -   Tracking Unit

Has been   designed  with   a  new  microprocessor control instrument with a single

purpose “to analyze and locate even the most difficult faults on battery operate DC

Multi feeder Distribution System”,  for  the  safeguard  of  the  DC system integrity.


The  Ground  Fault  Analyzer  and  Tracking  instrument  make   use of a very small

interrupted and synchronize DC signal  to analyze   and  locate DC ground faults on

multi feeder distribution system .


Note : All technical specification , and  other  conditions of sale subject to change

without notice .All products per manufacturers specification and supply schedule









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