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About Us

Uniqeness is our forte


Float Power Systems & Controls was established in the year 1992 in the city of Bangalore to supply quality testing and measuring instruments to power utilities and to provide quality service in the products maintenance area and such opportunities as available with power utilities and allied establishments.

Float Power Systems & Controls is a engineering-driven, power service company with a strong grid of flowing capabilities along the power industry. Focusing on delivering ever increasing needs in Power Generation Plants, Sub Stations, Transmission & Distribution utilities, we offer novel approaches which are affordable.

At Float Power Systems & Controls we believe our methodical approach and efficient supply and service chain at the current scale will provide us with continuous opportunities to deliver TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY TODAY.

Early stage development (Indigenous)

After extensive market research and discussions with technical personnel at the field level, it was decided to develop an instrument which would locate D.C. Earth Fault on floating systems since D.C. being the heart of any electrical utility viz generating station/ transmission /sub stations etc.

An instrument was developed indigenously as per photograph and the same was placed for acceptance , and the reaction and appreciation received is reflected vide KPTCL then vide testimonial and the latest equipment on offer is as per listing in our product section.

Float Power Systems & Controls are a recognized name in the Power Industry in the area of its expertise.

Float Power Systems & Controls are presently importing quality measuring and testing instruments from quality manufacturers/ associates/ suppliers from all over the world and are in a position to supply any equipment which may be required as per customer specification as well.


To cater to the ever growing needs of products, services, technical support, in the Power Industry, to provide for technically superior, quality, cost effective, performance based, long lasting, measuring and testing equipments to the Power Industry as well as the Telecommunication sector.

Endeavor to bring in such superior technology in the area of Power Generation using innovative methods, and practices, to generate quality green energy at affordable price, at the same time adhering to the prevailing norms with respect to environmental issues. All projects would be CDM projects, and qualify for Carbon Credit as well.

In this respect Float Power Systems & Controls are in the process of placing acceptable technologies with Power Utilities, State Governments, Local bodies (Corporations, Municipal Bodies, Village Panchayats) to consider such technologies addressing the ever growing menace if one may call so, the issue of addressing the Municipal Solid Waste being generated in our cities, towns and villages on a daily basis, and by utilizing the same after due process to generate quality, cost effective, and green energy for use of the community and these technologies are available on a BOOT basis for PPP projects.

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