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Bringing Farmers Close To Modern Farming Techniques




Land Preparation

Seeds Preparation

Land Ready For Sowing

Sowing of Seeds

Sowing of Seeds

Sprouting - Alpha Alpha

Sprouting - Raddish

Mulberry Plantation

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

Location 5

We at Float Power Systems & Controls are striving to usher in profitable agricultural practice through our green initiative to help the local farming community.


Initiating modern techniques to achieve better and sustained higher yields .



To create awareness of modern technologies and plant species which are commercially viable , stable for the farming community


To strive to engage farming community in viable , commercially profitable farming ventures , by bringing under one large umbrella multiple farming communities to pool large tracts of land , to generate volumes in produce , thus reducing labor, input costs , at the same time increase productivity and profitability .


To be an interface between the farming community and the end user , while managing the logistics and other commercial aspects while the farming community concentrates on their core strength , enabling to deliver assured quality products to the end buyer while achieving maximization of profits .


Aim is to be able to bring under contract farming a minimum of 500 acres of land for cultivation of various crops as may be required by the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Ayurvedic formulation industry & other process industry of raw materials as may be required from time to time in the required quantities .


Setting up of Tissue culture facilities and laboratory with the support of our overseas buyers for their captive production , quality control and buying operations .


Create and adhere to quality control mechanisms appropriate and in line with international requirements .  

Water Source

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