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Fire control and management – whether for natural resource fires, crash fires, or urban building fires – presents many challenges to those who are fighting fires and managing the fight. Infrared technology is being increasingly recognized as essential in timely fire rescue operations where lives are at stake.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health -

"Use a thermal imaging camera to help locate fires burning below or within floor systems, but recognize that the camera cannot be relied upon to assess the strength or safety of the floor. Fire fighters should be trained on the use of thermal imaging cameras, including limitations and difficulties in detecting fire burning below floor systems."

In another report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health by Ronald S. Conti, Linda L. Chasko, and John D Cool entitled "AN OVERVIEW OF TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING SIMULATIONS FOR MINE RESCUE TEAMS " the authors state

"Fire fighting and similar emergency response activities often impair vision due to dense smoke or darkness. Vision enhancement in such circumstances is a profound benefit for completing the assigned task. Infrared (IR) thermal imaging enhances the users vision when visible light is inadequate. Thermal imaging both restores vision and provides significant additional information to the user not otherwise possible to obtain. The technology increases the responder’s understanding of the environment, thus enhancing safety and the ability to accomplish the task. The first documented civilian life saved with thermal imaging technology was during a 1988 fire that occurred in New York City."

ICI infrared cameras are a "natural" fire fighters tool in the effort to gain this valuable real-time tactical information. Since it is a technology designed to sense and display heat signatures, the cameras provides “sight” in dark and smoke filled environments, which is invaluable in the decision making process. Infrared thermal imaging systems are being integrated into fire control, management and firefighting services throughout the world. Infrared Cameras, Inc. offers solutions that meet and exceed the operational needs of these applications.

Thermal Imaging cameras for Firefighting

Fire Control & Fire Management 

ICI FX 160 Firefighter Infrared Camera 

The ICI FX-160 is a rugged, portable, thermal imager; built to withstand extreme environments with a rating of IP 67. It has a drop test rating of 5.9 feet and UL94-VO grade Flame Retardent . Its one handed operation makes it simple and easy to use. The large 3.5” LCD display produces an exceptional image. This camera was specifically designed for firefighting applications.

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ICI FX-160

ICI Duracam320 Infrared Camera

The ICI Duracam320 is – as its name suggests – a highly durable thermal imaging solution for applications with rugged conditions and unfavorable environments. The ICI DuraCam320 is a fully featured 320 x 240 resolution infrared system with superior performance for fire related applications. Packaged with our IRFlash thermal imaging software, remote control, external 4” LCD and articulating viewfinder, the ICI Duracam320 offers a fully integrated solution for fire related services. Options include 2X and wide angle lenses for greater viewing capabilities.

The camera equips the infrared professional with up to 10 movable measurement points and 5 area boxes with tracking cursors. Temperature measurement range extends from -4 to 2192 degrees F.

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Duracam 320 P

ICI ToughCam Infrared Camera

The ICI ToughCam is a compact, ergonomical and lightweight infrared camera that carries high-end thermal imager features at an affordable price. Featuring a 160 X 120 resolution imager, multiple measurement points, multiple hotspot tracking and voice recording, the ICI ToughCam is a unit that is easy to operate and flexible enough for virtually any application. Its robust software package is uncommon to cameras available in this price range. Sleek, compact and afforable the ICI ToughCam could be the perfect soultion for your fire related thermal imaging needs.

The ICI Toughcam P-series is equipped with 4 movable measurement points & 3 area boxes with tracking cursors. Image Resolution is 160 x 120 & has a temperature measurement range of -20 to 600 C (-4 to 1112 F).

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ICI Toughcam Professional

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