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SC1717-1 SEE CANNON Ultra-low Lux Camera

The camera every boat owner has needed for years is finally here!

This new ultra low lux night vision camera is a safety device no vessel should be without. It enhances your radar and provides you with a clear video image of the waterway at night.

GPS only gives you navigation points on a display. Radar displays targets, but you have no way of knowing what those target are. And radar doesn't show you obstructions or dangers, such as buoys, or floating logs or debris, for example.

The SEE CANNON actually lets you SEE them, as well as anything else in the water!

No need to be afraid of the dark!

Get a crisp, clear image of anything on the water! The CCD (charge coupled device) image sensor provides video even in very low light conditions.


No longer will you have to stare out a window trying to see what's out there! No more guesswork about those targets your radar is showing you. The SEE CANNON lets you actually SEE in the dark!


  • Small & compact.

Easily adaptable to any vessel. Doesn't block your line of sight.

  • Portable.

It can easily be removed and stowedWhen your vessel is in the slipor in storage.

  • Rugged construction.

Encased in a sealed aluminum housing,(sealed to IP66 standards), splash proof and damage resistant, making it very durable and water-tight for on-deck mounting locations.


Works for ALL types of vessels.

  • Tugs
  • Barges
  • Fire boats
  • Police Boats
  • Rescue Craft
  • Ferry Boats
  • Work Boats
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Luxury Craft

Product overview

  • Provides crisp, clear images in very low light conditions.
  • Utilizes ambient light such as starlight, moonlight, shore lights.
  • Lux rating down to .00003 lux.
  • Temperature range: -10C to +40C (14F to 104F)
  • Video outputs to any standard monitor.
  • Standard ram mount and 20' cable provided.
  • Three year repair or replace warranty!

Key benefits

  • Operate your vessel safely in very low light conditions!
  • Avoid hazards such as boats that are running or anchored without lights.
  • SEE floating logs and other debris, harbor or marker buoys, etc.
  • Safely navigate in unfamiliar waters or marinas, or find your own slip in the darkness.

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