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Nyte Vu Digital Night Vision Goggles

Nyte Vu digital night vision goggles are a revolutionarydigital night vision goggle that uses the latest technology allowing you to see in total darkness. Viewing distance is over 200 feet in total darkness, and with moonlight/starlight conditions allows viewing up to 1000 feet.


Compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear,night vision goggles are perfect for all your night time hands free tasks. The latest night vision goggles are very lightweight and portable and very easy to use as well.


a. Light weight, comfortable head mounted goggles with adjustable

strap and only weight 12 ounces.

b. Keeps your hands free, goggles flip up to get back to natural sight.

c. Compact, convenient and easy operation.

d. Unlike other night vision gear ( generation I, II or III ), Nyte Vu allows you to connect additional video devices to the goggle for either

displaying ( video in ) or recording ( video out ) of your view.

e. Is not damaged by bright light or day light as traditional night vision

goggles can be.

f. The goggle eye piece screens give a broad 22 degrees of viewing


g. CCD camera is specially designed using Sony ™ imager along with non

visible infrared LED lights to give leading edge night vision


h. Life size display, gives a true perspective 1 to 1 view, allowing for

ease of walking with the goggles on.

i. On-unit volume control, brightness control and contrast control.

j. Will fit with eyeglasses.

Application Area

Outdoor Activities

Night Hunting, Viewing Wildlife at Night, Obervation Post, Night Fishing, Night Paintball, Cross Country Skiing, Walking in darkness, Sailing / Boating and Snowshoeing.



Can be used where night activity needs to be observed undetected and video recorded for later use.

Commando operations.


Wildlife and University Research

Observe and record animal activity at night.


Industrial Application

Inspection of tanks, dryer cans and other equipment at night.

Observe Mining Operations.


Security Industry

For security guards when making rounds or for observation from guard house and vehicles.


Home Security

Observe an intruder outside your home or property without being noticed.


Other Applications

Using the video in feature along with supplied stereo ear phones to watch movies connected with home DVD, VCR players, car DVD players or portable DVD players. Play games connected with PlayStation, Xbox, or game cube.


Maintenance Operations

Goggles frees hands to work in complete darkness.

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