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1. Grouser Online D.C Earth Fault Locating Instrument 

    Authorized sales and service representative                            

GROUSER  Download

2. Grumbler for LIVE LV/MV Cable Identifier

Grumbler for LIVE LV/MV Cable Identifier The instrument is designed

to assist users in the identification of cables

3. The DC Ground Fault Analyzer and Locator Instrument

Authorized sales and service representative

GFAL- A & B                                            Download


     Authorized sales and service representative 

PITE 3830                       Download

PITE 3836               Download

5. Kingsine  

6. Co-Tech Trading (GB) LTD UK

Component & Spares, Aeronautical Industry

Cotech-Trading (GB) Ltd

7. Float Power Variacs

Variacs Line . . .

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