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(Clip-On Fault Passage Indicator)



● Trip Current Self-adjustment

            The fault indicator can adjust the trip current as per different load current.


● Advantage Trip Criteria

            The current surge ΔI and the fault current duration time Δt is accordance with the Time inverse curve.


● Reference Standard

            Design, test and production are completely in accordance with IEEE495-2007.


● Convenient Operation

The fault indicator can be installed to the overhead line directly by using a hot-stick.


● Entirely Sealed Structure

            The fault indicator is sealed using epoxy resin, the whole structure can withstand aging effects for a long                      time, like high temperature, and high humidity. The outside shell is made of UV resistant material, it can                        sustain exposure to high ultraviolet environment for a long time.


● Eliminate Misact Phenomenon

            Eliminate the reverse feeding misact based on the difference in features of reverse feeding current and                        normal fault current.


● Replaceable Battery

            Three batteries are assembled in a battery container to supply power for the fault indicator, the container                    can be removed to replace the batteries.


● 360°visible LED flash

            Bright LED lamps are used to ensure 360° visibility.


● Long Life Batteries

            Industrial grade battery is used for power supply and battery monitoring. The battery life is more than 8                        years.


● Temporary And Permanent Fault Identification

            The temporary fault will be indicated by Blue lamps, if the fault does not correct in 7 minutes, Red lamps will                flash to indicate permanent fault.

Red LED indicates Permanent Fault

Blue LED indicates Temporary Fault

Yellow LED indicates Internal Battery Low Voltage

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