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Paratrooper training from aerostat-based systems is making a real resurgence in the face of tightened defence budgets. Capital expenditure and through-life costs are a fraction of fixed- and rotary-wing alternatives.


We present, PTB 2720, arguably the world's most successful winch platform for tethered aerostats in this field. With a track record of more than 30 years, the winch system is supplied on an ISO 20ft standard platform and can be fitted to any vehicle equipped with suitable twist locks.


The winch platform is fully CE marked and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) compliant and is supplied with a 1,500m3 kite balloon which flies at an altitude of 300m. The industry-leading tilt-able operator's cab is designed with long training days in mind and includes heating, air-conditioning,  touch screen menus and single-joystick control.


PTB 2720 offers best-in-class efficiency at every level, and rapid turnaround cycles enable 6 trainees to jump every 10 minutes. Trouble-free operation and superior reliability have enabled some  parachute training schools to achieve in excess of X jumps per year using these systems.


Please contact us for more information or to arrange to visit a training school and see PTB 2720 in operation (please note: site visits are subject to training schedules).

  • Aircraft grade materials
  • Simple rugged construction
  • Well proven design


The gondola has evolved over many years and provides a simple and stable platform for first jump training.

It consists of a rugged stainless steel tubular frame with an aluminium tread plate floor. The lightweight side sheets and optional roof provide protection from the elements during winter training operations

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