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Electrified Perimeter Security


Fence Hawk - Intelligent Fencing Systems

( UL Listed Product )

"Intrusions don't just drop off, they stop completely"

When you absolutely, positively want to keep intruders out or something in, we’re the ones that can do it

The only fencing system which has the mechanism to


We believe that perimeter security should be active and cost-effective. It shouldn’t depend on motion detectors, cameras and standard alarm boxes to detect intruders. Instead, it should actively deter and stop trespassers and also detect at the perimeter, preventing them from becoming intruders.

Our electrified perimeter security arrays actively measure the voltage on a fence and can trip alarms, cameras, lights, etc., if the fence is climbed, crossed, cut or otherwise defeated.

In ten years nobody has defeated one of our fences.

All of our systems can be monitored by either your present alarm company, or our UL listed central monitoring station, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your system is tripped they work as a silent alarm, and will call the police, you, your security guards, or whatever instructions you give.

If you have a multi-zone system security can be dispatched to the exact area of attempted entry.

If you prefer, we can also connect lights, sirens, video cameras and/or buzzers to your Fence Hawk Sensor. We’re security specialists and have been in the business for over 40 years.


1. All of our systems are customized to your location. While most are a fence-within-a-fence, we also protect walls, rooftops, construction sites, even sites with no electricity. Be it a small residential yard or an offshore oil tanker loading facility, we can design the appropriate, effective, cost-effective system to protect you and your property.

2. Everybody that uses our systems says, “Intrusions don’t just drop off, they stop completely.”

3. Our fences greatly reduce or eliminate your security guard costs.

4. All of our systems are UL listed, which means “safe for humans.” Nobody is going to be seriously hurt by these fences.

5. All systems include optional 24/7 monitoring by our licensed, bonded, UL approved central monitor.

6. We use Fence Hawk perimeter security array sensors exclusively, a major improvement over the antiquated technology that everybody else uses. The computerized Fence Hawk is virtually immune to false alarms, and has never been defeated.

7. Our systems normally run at 9,500 to 15,000 volts, which packs quite a wallop when somebody tries to climb them. For certain areas and applications we tone the system down to 40 volts. Using the system at low voltage still gives you monitored perimeter security, it just doesn’t deter intruders with that sharp “zap” that scares them away immediately.

8. We offer onsite maintenance, repair and upgrade contracts, if desired, at very reasonable rates. Maintenance is so simple, though, that most customers opt for do-it-yourself.

9. All systems include tech support, onsite maintenance and repair.

Types Of Fencing

Chain Link Fence Array

When chain link and barbed wire prove ineffective, this is the upgrade that most people go for. We attach a series of 8′, or taller, posts to the existing fence posts, then string electrified wire starting at 3″ off the ground, every 3″ to 6″, to the top of the new posts.

Climbing the fence gives the trespasser a nasty shock – up to 10,000 volts. If they cut the chain link fence they’ll get a nasty shock when they push it into the array, and set off the alarm. If they cut the array they also trigger an alarm.

On medium to large installations we usually install multiple zones so that security knows exactly where the attempted intrusion is occurring.

This system is so intimidating that it’s extremely rare a thief even attempts to breach it.

Freestanding Array

This design is used to protect valuable livestock, and in rural areas where accidental contact with the fence by pedestrians isn’t a concern.

Depending on what you want to keep in and/or out, we have any number of effective system designs. If you examine the blowup you’ll see that we ran rows of electrified wires along the ground to prevent digging and tunneling at the fence line. It’s not only kept the livestock in, it’s kept wolves and other predators out.

This design is often used by trucking and utility companies in remote areas. With minor modifications it’s very effective at keeping snakes out of utility substations.

This kind of array is significantly less expensive to install than chain link fence, and exponentially more effective at preventing intrusions.

Enhanced Security Chain Link Fence Array ( Dual Array )

Because of the high value of the cargo in this containerized shipping and receiving yard, the client specified dual rows of perimeter arrays set on 2″ and 3″ centers. Note the “unclimbable” small-mesh chain link fence that proved ineffective at keeping intruders out.

This design is more expensive but extremely effective. The vertical posts are energized and monitored separately from the 45 degree posts, adding an additional layer of protection and warning in case of attempted intrusion.

Wired in multiple zones, security is now able to quickly respond to the proper area of the property, inside or out, if required.

Wall Mounted Array

With the huge increase of crime in America in the past few years, more homeowners and and gated communities are taking pro-active action to stop intruders.

These installations can be blended with the architecture, and can be done in such a way that the homeowners don’t have to see them from the porch, balcony or yard. We also have designs that are invisible from the street, when required by zoning or building codes.

Nothing gives one a sense of security and freedom like being able to sleep with the windows open and knowing that the TV or iPod on the back deck will still be there in the morning.

Perimeter security arrays give a huge sense of security and freedom.

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Securing Residential Plots

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